Wind Sextet


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2nd movement
3rd movement

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The opening Adagio, which begins and ends in the key of F major, has two main motifs (a falling arpeggio and a rising scale figure), both often accompanied by syncopated chords. The set of variations is based on an Andantino by Franz Liszt (1811–86). The original work is the fourth of a set of five short piano pieces (Fünf kleine Klavierstücke, S.192, Library of Congress, ML96.L58) Liszt wrote for Baroness Olga von Meyendorff between 1865 and 1879. This movement, dated 23 July 1876, is originally in the key of F# major but has been transposed to the enharmonic equivalent of G flat major. The variations begin with an orchestrated statement of the Andantino as harmonised by Liszt in its entirety. The melodic material of each variation that follows is derived from bar 1 of the theme, transformed through the manipulation of rhythm, metre, tonality and instrumental timbre. The final variation concludes with a version of the original ending. The multi-sectional last movement contrasts three ideas: a series of march-like chords, a running scale figure with lots of appoggiaturas, and a hymn-like melody, which returns at the end. LW 3 April 2022

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