As the title suggests, this piece should be played with warmth, the middle departure showing a little more anxiety before a return to the optimism of the opening theme. Apart from this there is no formal structure. There should be a marked contrast between the flowing, lyrical passages of the opening section and the crisp staccato in the middle descending arpeggios. Although the tempo indicates quickness, the feel should be one of animation rather than pace. The dynamic range is not great but should be accurately observed with clear contrasts.


This piece, written in the middle to high register, has a simple structure being a stable melody with variations and ornaments remaining in the key of C major. Where the piano accompaniment has the theme it should be allowed to show through. As the title suggests this should be played with a gentle lilt but not over sentimental.. Aim for a warm to mellow texture with comforting sounds. There is a general but slight crescendo throughout the piece


Much more of a duet for flute and piano rather than a solo. This has a yearning, minor aspect with a contrasting few bars of a more comfortable major feel at the end of the middle section.The lively tempo should be driven through the whole piece with only a slight let up in the final two measures. Although written in waltz time, this is no dance being loaded with underlying energy and emotion. The dynamics remain fairly loud with only the expected variation in line with the phrasing.