The Tree Of Guernica

The Tree Of Guernica


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The Tree of Guernica

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Turina (1882 – 1949) wrote this piece for piano solo in 1927. The tree in the title is a well known landmark in the town of Guernica in Northern Spain (the capital of the Basque country). It was used as a meeting place for the whole area (rather like an informal parliament). The coat of arms of the Basque Region features the oak tree as a  major part of the design. The piece was written 10 years before the infamous bombing of the town in the civil war, of which Picasso made a famous mural. The music is in 5/8, giving it an unusual “Spanish” lilt, describing perhaps calmer times in the town.  The style of the music reminds one of Manuel de Falla and especially of Ravel (the piano trio of 1914). Ravel was by birth a Basque, being born in St.Jean de Luz (40 Km to the East of Guernica). Turina seems to have captured the quiet uniqueness of the area in this piece.

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