The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic


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The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

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‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ was originally a piano piece, written by John Walter Bratton in 1907; lyrics were added in 1932 by Irish singer/songwriter Jimmy Kennedy. Since the song’s first appearance on the BBC in the same year, it has been universally popular and recorded by over a dozen famous singers. The story appeared as a children’s book produced by Green Tiger Press in 1983, and a short film based on the plot was released in 1989, which featured two bears named Benjamin and Wally. This led to two follow-up films: ‘The Teddy Bears’ Christmas’ was released in 1992 and ‘The Teddy Bears’ Scare’ in 1998. These in turn led a TV series entitled ‘The Secret World of Benjamin Bear’. The tune remains one of the all-time classics in the repertoire of children’s songs. Arranged by Frances Jones.

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