The Spirits of Sabate are three imagined scenes in the Etruscan city of Sabate which lies beneath the waters of Lake Bracciano, one of the volcanic lakes surrounding Rome.

Inundation and Prayer imagines the flood waters as they cover the city and the memories of a prayer offered up to ancient gods for the salvation of the lost spirits of Sabate. Procession and Hymn imagines a rather macabre parade through the sunken city streets by the lost souls as they sing a hymn seeking resolution for their spirits. Finally Celebration and Song imagines those same lost souls many thousands of years later now reconciled to their fate singing in celebration of the spirits of Sabate and animating the streets of the ancient city.

Originally commissioned in 2012 for the Music on Volcanic Lakes Festival, The Spirits of Sabate was premiered, in its original form, by the Scuolo Orchestra di Anguilara Sabazia and premiered in the Chiesa San Francesco on the shores of Lake Bracciano.