Swing, Blues and Boogie

Swing, Blues and Boogie


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1. Swing
2. Blues
3. Boogie

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An initial request to write a piece for the Asyla oboe quartet (Medieval Suite) started a ‘lockdown’ project to complete a set of ‘wind family’ pieces. A bassoon quartet quickly followed (Swing, Blues n’ Boogie) exploring their lesser-known funky side! Looking to exploit the idiomatic character of each group of instruments the haunting sound of the flute family creates Mist Waltz, March and Finale and the schizophrenic nature of the clarinets comes out in Psycho Cowboy and the Crazy Cow Chase! From these four quartets also came various arrangements for other ensembles. Having completed the quartet for Oboe ensemble it seemed perfectly logical to turn to the woodwind instrument I know best for the second in this series of woodwind family quartets, and then it seemed most logical to turn that bassoon quartet into a sax quartet. The syncopation and close harmony ubiquitous in each of these movements seem to lend themselves to the funky side of the sax family. Add to this an expressive poignancy inherent in the saxophone’s vocal nature and you have a winning combination! Let your hair down. Work out some choreography for the performance! Enjoy!

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