Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano

Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano


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1st movement
2nd movement
3rd movement

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This three-movement Sonatina began life in 2006, with the first movement completed in just a day. The mood of the opening conveys feelings of calm and satisfaction. The clarinet’s main theme explores the mid-range of the instrument, and is lyrical in nature. The second subject becomes more troubled, leading to a quiet central section, before the main theme returns, slower and calmer than before. A couple of turbulent moments eventually give way to a quiet conclusion. The middle movement (composed along with the third movement in early 2007) is elegaic in nature, with reflective music surrounding a short but troubled central section. In the quasi cadanza, the piano’s sustain pedal is depressed, which allows strings to vibrate in sympathy with the clarinet’s notes. The finale, marked ‘giocoso’, is jubilant in mood. Although not strictly a rondo, the alternation of the main theme with several contrasting sections gives the movement that feel. In the main theme, the piano propels the music forwards with repeated quaver chords in the right hand. A jaunty yet tuneful 7/8 section eventually leads back to the final presentation of the main theme, before the piece concludes with an energetic più mosso coda. A musician friend once commented that he liked the rests in my music, and there are a couple of well-placed ones here. I hope the music in between them is equally as good.

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