Sonata for Two Flutes and Piano

Sonata for Two Flutes and Piano


Click the links below to hear the movements.

1st movement
2nd movement: Waltz-Scherzo
3rd movement: Pastorale
4th movement: Finale

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This is a bold new work for two flutes and piano, in a modern Russian style. The composer characterises the movements as follows:

1st movement – Dramatic, expresses the ‘Russian fate’

2nd movement – A dance. Light, and a bit ‘peppery’

3rd movement – A rustic Russian view

4th movement – Belief in the great power of the Russian nation.


Using an extended tonal language and exciting rhythmic interplay, this piece creates a variety of moods and atmospheres for the players. Particularly charming is the third movement, a pastoral scene for the two flutes alone.

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