Sonata for Bassoon and Piano

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano


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1st movement


The Bassoon Sonata, composed by Nicola Morello, reveals a good feeling for the instrument, reaching a perfect balance between bassoon and piano, a difficulty not so easy to resolve, giving both the instruments a virtuosic and expressive writing. The music of this Sonata, in three movements, really seems to come from what the composer hears in his mind and his heart; a sincere work and an honest complex composition, without any pseudo-intellectual construction. All in this Sonata, the structure, the impressionistic harmonies, the medieval and ritual melodies, is fluid and natural. It’s a piece of such musical and emotional quality for the bassoon, and indeed a true enrichment of the bassoon, and chamber music, repertoire. Hubert Mittermayer Nesterovskiy.

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