Sonata for Alto Flute and Piano

Sonata for Alto Flute and Piano


Click the links below to see and hear the movements in the Sonata.

1. Allegro Agitato
2. Tango
3. Rondo

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Written to celebrate the rich, vibrant tone of the Alto Flute this three movement sonata begins with an Allegro Agitato ‘perpetuum mobile’. Flowing triplets weave sinuously through the first subject, relaxing a little to rhythmic quavers  in the second melodic theme. A truly agitato development takes us through to a modified recapitulation and a subsiding, syncopated coda, concluded with an enigmatic taste of the opening material. A Tango follows; hot, sultry. Surely the perfect environment for this instrument!? To finish …. what better then a Rondo!?! Inspired by the quicksilver humour and wit of conductor Martin Andre this finale balances agility with soaring melody and (of course!) the frequent and humorous return of the opening theme.

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