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1st Movement – Moderato con anima and in common time . E Minor Circa 3.51 mins duration   This movement utilises the full range of the bassoon and is ably supported by an interesting and varied piano accompaniment. It moves through various keys before a recapitulation of a modified and expanded first theme leading to a forte top B and an extended ritenuto.

2nd Movement – Andante con calore in simple duple. E major Circa 3.57 mins duration   Melodic and plaintive movement with a constant rippling piano accompaniment. Relaxed and evocative with long phrasing. Bar 16 A beautiful piano interlude preparing for upbeat re-entry of bassoon Bar 23 with darker tones and intent meandering through various keys and moods. Recapitulation Bar 46 is extended and embellished and the piano reverts to initial arpeggio accompaniment. The movement ends in a ppp E major chord.

3rd Movement – Allegretto con slancio. In 3/8 E minor Circa 3.22 mins duration Loosely in Rondo form   Lively, playful and intricate with a statement staccato rhythmic accompaniment. Bar 17 Moderato. Legato and longer phrasing Bar 25. Reprise and elaboration of initial theme Bar 33 altered theme and piano has melodic lead Bar 51 Return of initial theme and more elaboration Bar 67 Moderato Wistful and melodic Bar 90 Initial theme returns with extensive use of bassoon range and embellished piano staccato.

Dedicated to and named by Elizabeth Ball Crawford with thanks for her generosity and kindness. Premiered by Elizabeth and Allison Andersen in 2022 at the IDRS conference in Boulder Colorado.



‘Your music has a wonderfully romantic feel. Such rich harmonies and beautiful long phrases. So hard to find in the bassoon repertoire’

Elizabeth Ball Crawford Professor of Bassoon Brigham Young University Idaho

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