Six Trios Op. 4

Six Trios Op. 4


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1. Serenade
2. The First Ball with the Beloved
3. Tea Dance in the Country Castle
4. Dance in the Village Barn
5. Changing of the Midnight Guard
6. A Humorist’s Last Hour

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Christian Julius Weissenborn (1837-1888) was a German bassoonist, teacher and composer. Born in Fridrichs-Tanneck, he was principal bassoonist of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra from 1857-1887. He also taught at the Leipzig Conservatory from 1882. He is chiefly remembered for his educational compositions ‘The Practical Bassoon School’ and ‘Bassoon Studies op. 8’, which are still widely used today. He died in Leipzig, aged 51. These trios were originally composed for three bassoons, and are here presented in an arrangement for a mixed wind trio. They are beautifully crafted pieces using the fashionable dance forms of the day, so there are waltzes, polkas, and mazurkas to be found in these six trios. Other character pieces also make appearances, so there is a Turkish March and a Funeral March. Just using three musicians, the composer conjures up bustling ball rooms, elegant soirees and military sounding marches. All three parts contribute equally to the music.

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