A delightful album of music for two flutes and piano, featuring lesser known works by more famous composers.

Boismortier – Premier Balet de Village  Joseph Boismortier (1689-1755) was unusual for his time in that he had no patron, and worked independantly. Much of his music is for the flute, with his Six Sonatas Op. 91 being most performed now. This is the first of four ‘Balets’, published in 1734. In two sections, the first in simple time and the second in compound time. Elegant and carefree music.

Haydn – Piano Trio in G minor Hob.XV:19 – 2nd movement  This tiny movement crams in much of Haydn’s creative style. Cheeky chromaticism, canonic entries, elegantly balanced phrases and good humour prevail, with a virtuosic section for the first flute in the middle.

Delibes – Les Trois Oiseaux  A French composer known mostly for vocal works, this piece was originally a song for two sopranos and piano. The rippling semiquavers suggest the fluttering wings of the birds in the title.

Phillipe Gaubert – Divertissement Grec  Originally for two flutes and harp, this sways seductively ebbing and flowing like the waves on a Mediterranean beach.

Josef Suk – Bagatela  Joseph Suk was a Czech composer and violinist. He studied under Dvorak, whose daughter he married. His only composition in regular performance now is his Serenade for Strings Op. 6, but he wrote a large amount of music in all genres. This is a charmingly relaxed piece, displaying some of his Czech influences.