Seeking Stillness Op. 13b

Seeking Stillness Op. 13b


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Seeking Stillness

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This programmatic work, transcribed for bass clarinet from the original solo cello, tells of someone in a state of agitation going into an empty country church and finding tranquillity. As a result it moves from disjointed and edgy motifs in the first half to a sudden change as the door clunks shut (you’ll need a metallic object to hit the bell gently). Although there are melodic connections making the two halves a whole, the music immediately becomes more consonant, and the tempo broader. Slowly traversing the whole range of the instrument, it ends on an ethereal note in the upper register. Stillness sought, has at last been found! The piece is dedicated to Charles Hine, who assisted me in the layout of the piece for bass clarinet, and who gave the first performance.

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