Rock, Blues and a Cartload of Monkeys

Rock, Blues and a Cartload of Monkeys


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Rockin’ Downtown
The Real and Only Blues
City of LIttle Monkeys

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Three jazz inflected pop pieces for beginning to intermediate players.     Rockin’ Downtown:  This piece harks back to early jazz rock. Don’t swing the rhythm – play them straight. Play the opening statement aggressively, a bit brash. The middle section should be a little more playful. Give the closing two bars some ‘shake’ in the tone if you can.   The Real And Only Blues:  This should be played sweet and mournful, with a gentle swing to the rhythms. Treat each line as if it were a sentence, maybe even write words to go with it so that you have something to say with each phrase.   Cart Full Of Monkeys:  This is whimsical pop, unpredictable, like monkey behaviour. Don’t be a complete slave to the tied rhythms in the opening and closing musical statements – use them more as a starting  point for playfulness.

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