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This piece begins with an eight bar rhythmic melody on the flute, underpinned by the clarinet and bassoon. This is followed by an answering phrase on oboe, with the clarinet and bassoon continuing, with slightly more variation both rhythmically and melodically. The entry of the French horn, introduces a short contrapuntal passage. For the next section, the bassoon takes the lead, with interjections from the rest of the ensemble. After this comes an 8 bar vigoroso section, before a sudden contrasting atmospheric passage with the flute soaring over a bed of subtle rippling rhythms played by the rest of the ensemble. This is followed by another vigoroso section, this time consisting of call and response, with the flute and oboe responding to a phrase played by the clarinet and bassoon, with the horn adding melodic contrast. Towards the end of this piece, there is a gradual reduction in volume, with intermittent crescendos, leading to a satisfying final chord.

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