Orange Dances

Orange Dances


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1. China
2. Spain
3. Brazil
4. Scotland
5. Finale

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This five movement suite for double wind quintet has been inspired by the journey of the humble orange through time.

I Thousands of years ago oranges were a sour fruit growing wild in China & North Western India. By 2,500 BC orange trees were being cultivated as a fragrance.

II By the 8th & 9th centuries orange trees had reached Southern Spain, via the Romans & then the Moors. By now sweet oranges had been cultivated, and with the help of irrigation the trees flourished.

III In 1493 Christopher Columbus carried orange, lemon & citron trees to the Caribbean Islands and by 1518, the Portuguese were planting sweet oranges in Brazil.

IV In 1700 a ship carrying oranges was sheltering from bad weather in Dundee harbour. A young grocer, James Keiler bought them to sell, but they were the sour variety & not good for eating, so his wife made marmalade, which sold very well!

V Finale

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