Odd Blues

Odd Blues


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1. Minor Jazz Waltz Blues
2. Thoughtful Blues
3. Quartal Blues
4. Triadic Blues
5. Even Eights Blues
6. Approach Note Blues
10. Five-Four Blues

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This is a set of studies for flute in jazz style. Each of the pieces is based loosely on the blues: that is, it has a twelve bar theme on a chord sequence which is a regular jazz blues or a modified version of it.   To offer some novelty and challenge I have chosed to use a variety of musical elements, some at the limit of mainstream jazz language: such as whole tone scales and quartal arpeggios, with the aim of giving each study a peculiarity, hence the title of this collection: ‘Odd Blues’.   It is hoped that these studies may offer a source of stimuli to the jazz flute improviser and also serve as performance pieces.   Each study presents the theme twice, with some slight reinterpretation on the repeat, two choruses of written out ‘solo’ and a reprise of the theme with a finale.

Geoff Warren, 2016

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