Novellae Volume 3

Novellae Volume 3


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1. Secret Vale
2. Jacqui
3. Dialogue
4. Fire In His Eyes

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Secret Vale
In a hidden vale in the wilds of Wicklow we found a faerie ring. Untouched for centuries and magical. The family were enthralled.

She stood hesitantly at the door of my studio. Little did I realise that this child would become one of my greatest friends. A joy to know and now so missed by all who knew her.

The conversation between instruments so crucial to enjoying the performance

Fires in His Eyes
He stood defiant a clarinet clutched in his tiny hand. With tears in his eyes he mumbled “I just want to play”.  But you are too young I said. He was 3!!  He became a world class clarinettist, composer and musician.

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