Mouvement Vaguement en Forme de Sonate was composed during the summer of 2016 in Eastbourne with the aim of experimenting; and at times playing around with the established sonata form, hence the title. There are two themes, both moulded from three ascending consecutive notes: the first melodious, whilst the second is playful and dance-like. Whilst Movement Vaguement en Forme de Sonate has no story or ‘programme’, it emanates from the joy and happiness of being a mother to my daughter, Clara. It may well be that the first theme is an expression of maternal tenderness; whilst the second is the playfulness of childhood; both bonded by a core three-note root. There are moments when time stops and we feel free from the constraints of everyday life; as the cadenza takes liberty with metre. And there are times of happiness, but also of sorrow: the cantorial invocation. However, with love and affection it is the feeling of blessed happiness that prevails. Why are the title and expression markings in French? My background is British (Scottish) and French: as a teenager I was influenced by the French Impressionist composers. This piece is also dedicated to my mother, Manou, who as a musical layman enjoys music that has pleasant melodies and for whom I wanted to compose a piece she would enjoy.