Minuet, Sarabande and Serenade

Minuet, Sarabande and Serenade


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August Serenade

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A suite for trumpet and piano in 3/4 time, recommended for the intermediate player.   Minuet and Variations for Trumpet and Piano  This minuet starts off with restrained elegance and then veers off into something with attitude, no longer quite baroque. There are few places to rest in this piece so good breath control is very important. Strive for precise articulation especially in the staccato passages, and a full, rich tone in the Tempo Primo section at Bar 30.   Sarabande  This piece was inspired by various classical works but it still has something of the Twentieth Century about it. You’ll notice the B section suggests a minuet. If you can find moments to use a true, fully supported pianissimo it will help make this melody truly haunting.  August Serenade  This piece has a spritely main theme that introduces two quieter, more introspective melodies. The first theme again echoes a minuet while the second is more of a slow waltz. The main theme should be precise and fiery, the second played with a sweet elegance and the waltz filled with warmth and autumnal colours.

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