Mediterranean Winds

Mediterranean Winds


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1. Ghibli
2. Garbino
3. Zefiro
4. Tramontana
5. Maestrale

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Around the end of 2019 I got the desire to write for alto flute and piano, and these pieces were written between December of that year and January 2020. I gave them names the Italians use for the winds which can be experienced across their peninsula, but there is no real intention to depict these phenomena. The pieces show influences of jazz and fusion harmony with some hints of the neo-classic. I consider them to be of medium difficulty. I have opted for modal key signatures, rather than leaving the scores in “open key”, trying to find the set of sharps or flats that is nearest to the written music. The pieces can be performed separately or in a suite, in which case I would suggest the order in which they are presented here. I would like to thank Marco Macchi for his help and advice with the piano parts.

Geoff Warren,  Montesilvano,  2020.

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