Medieval Suite

Medieval Suite


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1. Empress Matilda’s Ductia
2. Song of the Troubador
3. Jousting and Lament

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I was honoured to be asked by the wonderful Asyla oboe quartet to write a piece for them to be performed in an upcoming series of concerts. It felt very much like writing for a consort rather than the modern concept of a chamber ensemble…. and so was born the idea of a Medieval Suite. This in turn led to this version of the same piece for saxophone quartet. The four different saxes each with a distinctive character, yet forming a homogenous sound together gives amazing scope to write consort music without the constraints of range and virtuosity imposed by early instruments.

Empress Matilda’s Ductia:  A spritely, funky movement exploring the different tonal qualities of each instrument. A contemporary take on a courtly dance!

Song of the Troubadour: The soprano sax takes the roll of troubadour to sing a plaintive song of love and loss.

Jousting and Lament: Trumpets hail the arrival of the knights as they prepare fight. The pageantry. The crowd cheering as they march to the arena. The galop. The trumpets and then silence. The falling of one of the knights, followed by a poignant lament to his death.

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