Mediaeval Royal Suite

Mediaeval Royal Suite


Click the links below to see and hear the movements in the Suite.

1. Royal Proclamation
2. Ladies In Waiting
3. Courtly Dance
4. Jesters

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Medieval Royal Suite is a suite of four short pieces portraying scenes at a medieval royal castle. No attempt has been made to recreate actual medieval music, but more to create an atmosphere of medieval courtly life.
‘Royal Proclamation’ depicts the hustle and bustle of a medieval fayre as important announcements are made. ‘Ladies in Waiting’ takes us into the Queen’s chambers and follows the ladies in waiting as they calmly go about their duties. ‘Courtly Dance’ accompanies the rather formal and stately dancers entertaining the King. ‘Jesters’ portrays the rough and tumble antics of the court acrobats and entertainers.

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