Little Suite for Violin and Piano

Little Suite for Violin and Piano


Click the links below to see and hear the movements in the Suite.

1st movement
2nd movement
3rd movement

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This Little Suite would be great as a  Concert opener or Encore.  Each movement is expressive, and the first and last movements allow the players to perform with brightness and bravura. They contain melodic twists and turns to stretch the technique, and to allow Violinist and Pianist alike to create and communicate great ensemble playing. Audiences and players will enjoy the contrasting colours.

The 1st movement is in A major, and at a fairly majestic tempo. This is followed by some intricate melodic content, and through a variety of keys. The opening theme returns at bar 25, and leads to a bravura Coda.

The 2nd movement is predominantly centred around F# minor, with other key explorations in the centre section. The main theme returns at bar 47.

The 3rd movement is in a rollicking compound duple time, with lots of energy and forward momentum.

This suite would be ideal for a lighter part of a concert programme, or as a bright encore, either complete, or with just the first or last movements.  

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