Lets Dance!

Lets Dance!


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. & Round
2. Minuet and Trillo
3. Dance of the Caterpillars
4. Cross Courante
5 Fuss Pot Polka
6. Last Dance

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Are you a fan of Strictly Come Dancing?

Jonty Tunes – Let’s Dance! –  for Flute & Piano (grades four to six plus); offers a selection of fourteen fun, varied and progressive ballroom dances; including Latin, Jazz, Baroque, Viennese and Music Hall.

Identifying dance styles:

A combination of Time Signature, Speed, Rhythm, Mood, Mode, Genre and Instrumentation contribute to make a dance style.

Points of interest:

“Minuet & Trillo – a typing error? – What should it be called? – When did this dance originate?” “Why is the Courante so cross?” “Why is the Tango called “For One” ?” “In Mu-mmy Da-ddy; how many falling minor thirds can you find? – Why is this relevant to the title?” “Research and listen to some Thelonious Monk – Why is this piece Nomadic? (hint:- accidentals!).” “Why do you think “Three T’s Please” is an appropriate title?”

These dances are in keys found in the scales and arpeggios needed for grades four and above;  learning these dances, and becoming familiar with the keys, should help to master them.

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