Just Me! and my Clarinet Book 1


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. Simple Steps
2. Skip a Note
3. Jump Around
4. In the Garden
5. Twilight
6. Rockpools
7. Jiggle
8. Twizzle
9. Blowing Bubbles
10. Robin Redbreast
11. Waltzing
12. Turn Around
13. Night Sky
14. Minim Steps
15. Moonlight
16. Trotting
17. Flowing Onwards
18. Step In Time
19. Share the Tune
20. Saturday Morning

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A collection of graded pieces that have interesting titles. Designed to offer accessible works for performance and enjoyment. The inspiration for the title comes from the reality that when you stand in front of an audience or present for an examination you are giving a unique part of yourself. You can honestly say that it is ‘Just Me!‘ The pieces range in difficulty and encompass most time signatures and many key signatures. Some are catchy. Some are gentle. Most are lyrical and melodious. The books are there for you to make your own memories.
After all they are written JUST FOR YOU!

The ABRSM have set ‘Moonlight’ for Grade 1 and ‘Night Sky’ for Grade 2 Clarinet from 2022.

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