Jonty Tunes – Easy to Intermediate

Jonty Tunes – Easy to Intermediate


Click the links below to hear the movements.

1 After You
2 March Hare
3 Jump Through The Hoop
4 Going GAGA
5 Six Up Six Down
6 All At Sixes and Sevens
7 Polka Dot Rainbow
8 Sherbert Fountain
9 My Kite
10 One Day
11 Twinkle

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Each of these pieces explores a key that is useful to know for Flute exams grades 3 to 5. Knowing each
scale and being able to play each one confidently will help you to progress in your music making.
Try to find the scale or arpeggio patterns in each piece. This is a really helpful way to develop your sight reading skills.

These pieces are in a variety of styles, are full of character and fun to play.

Try to play the dynamics and articulation accurately and plan your breathing carefully. Have fun!

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