Impromptu, Nocturne and Finale

Impromptu, Nocturne and Finale


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The Impromptu, Nocturne and Finale was composed in March/April 2021 during a second lockdown owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is dedicated to my wife, Deborah, in grateful appreciation for her selfless support throughout my treatment for cancer during the past year. She is a superb accompanist and I’m hoping that she will enjoy playing the piece with one of her flautist friends now that live music-making is permitted again. The Impromptu is a lively and energetic movement with a few moments of contrasting repose at times. Flowing melodic lines and conversations between the two instruments are a feature of the Nocturne which begins and ends in peaceful tranquillity. The Finale recaptures some of the spirit and characteristics of the first movement. Alternating time signatures add to the rhythmic interest. It is designed to be a companion piece to Impromptu, Cantilena & Finale for oboe and piano composed in 2003 and Prelude, Aria & Finale for clarinet and piano written in March 2021. They are of the same stock.       Stephen Binnington 2021

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