Icons Of Love


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1. Eros
2. Philia
3. Agape
4. Storge
5. Mania
6. Ludus
7. Pragma
8. Philautia

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A few years ago I met a wonderful creative soul in Aliki Georgiou. Whilst she came to me for bassoon tuition our conversation (usually over coffee!) turned to all subjects. Her brief description of the Ancient Greek concept of ‘Loves’ pushed me to more research and became the amazing inspiration for this wind quintet. A little gentle persuasion was needed to coax Aliki to write what I think is the essential ingredient in this work …  the beauty of these words entangle wonderfully with my musical vision of the Loves. We both sat in silence at the first reading/playing. Aliki …. thank you.    David

When David asked if I would write words to accompany the woodwind quintet, my impulse reaction was to laugh at the suggestion in dismissal. David’s gentle persistence and quiet determination are qualities I marvel, and after a little more subtle persuasion the idea started manifesting my thoughts. I will never know what David had envisaged as accompanying words; all I can say is, these are the words that settled with me from listening to the quintet. While listening to the newly composed music, I came to discover I enjoyed the liberty of travelling with freshly evoked ideas and loved the anticipation and comfort in stillness which existed between thought and words. David trusted my expression and I enjoyed the freedom of my creation. I am grateful that he wishes to include the words in publication of what is his woodwind quintet. I may finally concede; Icons of Love Woodwind Quintet is a collaboration of words and music. Appreciating the multi facets of Love, I am grateful to everyone and to all things I have shared a love with. This is a dedication to them. Thank you, David, for your belief in me. Also, for being the kindest, most sensitive, and knowledgeable bassoon teacher and friend, and for sharing an appreciation of music with me. Finally thank you too, to the support of my closest – όλες οι αγάπες μου είναι δυκές σου, Γιώργο μου – για Aliki

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