I’ve designed this book so that anyone can learn all they need to know to ace their grade 5 Music Theory exam, for the ABRSM’s new online exam format from 2020.

This book is designed to work in tandem with the Grade 5 Music Theory Workbook, so you will need to get that if you haven’t already

This book does NOT require you to have studied or taken Music Theory Grades 1-4, but does assume that you have basic knowledge of reading music from playing an instrument/singing to around Grade 5 standard, which you will have if you’re taking the Grade 5 Music Theory exam in order to progress to Grades 6-8 on your instrument/voice.

You can take this course by yourself without a teacher, or you can use this book with your students if you are a teacher.

Each part of the book will go through all the essential knowledge you need to know, before showing exactly how each question will look in the exam and how to solve it.

This book is included in the Grade 5 Music Theory Bundle – click here for more details.