This workbook is designed to help you and your students prepare for the ABRSM’s music theory exams in the new online format from 2020.

The workbook contains many examples of each question that will be in the online exam, in the same multiple choice format, to give you lots of practice at each question type.

If you’ve bought the PDF download version of this workbook, then you can simulate the exam experience even more by filling in your answers on screen by using software to write on the PDF. If you use Windows, I recommend Microsoft’s Edge browser to open and write on your PDF, and if using Mac, then Apple Preview works well for this.

The syllabus is mostly unchanged from previous years but the format is a lot different, meaning music notation questions which were handwritten in exams before 2020 are now multiple
choice, as well as several other changes.

All musical examples in all sections have been composed by Matt Smith for this publication.

This workbook is not affiliated with the ABRSM in any way.

A note for digital customers: The download is a large file, and some customers using mobile phones will need to have ample memory space and fast download speeds.

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Frankie L. “I have just bought the pdf. It looks amazing, very useful.”

Emily E: “Thanks for the time you’ve put into this, to save the rest of us having to research the format changes! I have downloaded it and it looks fab.”

Alastair H: “Downloaded this last week- it’s a fantastic resource. Thank you so much.”

Meiner T: “Thank you for the valuable resource. Would recommend. Ideal practice workbook with the latest changes to the online exam with ABRSM. At least now my daughter can use this to prepare as she was so prepared for the previous paper based questions for the cancelled exam. Hopefully she will pass the online one this August. Many thanks.

Abi M: “How amazing to find practice exam question sheets based on the new online theory exam format, prepared so quickly – have proved super super useful, thank you!! Download option perfect”

Samantha L: “These are great, thanks so much, they were a life saver for my son doing the pilot online theory as there was literally nothing else I could find. It was all so clear and loads of different examples, brilliant. I have recommended you to all my music teacher friends.”