Fulfilled Fagotto

Fulfilled Fagotto


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. Frolic Fagotto
2. Fagotto Frenzy
3. Forgotten Fagotto
4. Breathe Easy
5. Threatening Sky, Shimmering Water

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5 pieces to use as Concert openers or Encores, these compositions are bright and expressive. They contain melodic twists and turns to stretch the technique, and to allow Bassoonist and Pianist to combine and communicate.

Frolic Fagotto – A cheeky piece, more or less a scherzo. With lots of quirky melodic corners and surprises. It’s mainly in C minor, but with many accidentals to suggest a journey to new keys, but mainly, they’re cul-de-sacs. A more gentle section, suggesting C major. The ‘Frolic’ then returns with it’s energy and unpredictability. A coda brings the piece to an abrupt end.    Piano part is more demanding here!

Fagotto Frenzy – A tour ‘d force for an intermediate bassoonist and pianist!  Built on the opening motif of 4th’s in various guises. The introduction of triplets at bar 25 (piano) signals a more flowing section at pianissimo, and a return of the more ‘frenzied’ themes at bar 44. It concludes with an exciting coda at bar 60.  Enjoy!

Forgotten Fagotto – “There’s simply not enough music for the intermediate bassoonist to play – as a solo instrument we appear  to have been forgotten”   A plea from a friend motivated me to compose this piece. It begins with a melancholy melody, to show her sadness. At bat 41 the piano gets frustrated with the ‘usual’ accompanying, and breaks into a bravura concerto-like section, using some of the material previously stated by the bassoon. At bar 57 the bassoon announces her clear intention to ‘join the party’, and there begins a balanced conversation between the two.

Breathe-easy – This is written in a lightly jazz style – perhaps a little unusual for Bassoon. However, it shows this instrument in a slightly more relaxed mood, equally at home with a more serious level, as with a more ‘playful’ genre. The piano sets the mood, with 7th chords, and syncopated rhythms.

Threatening Sky – Shimmering Water – This piece was written after observing an ominous sky over the Solent River. A moving cloud quite suddenly changed the view, to reveal a bright stretch of water, with shimmering movement. It is built on ninths – sometimes inverted – sometimes sequenced.  The 7 time signature shows the continual, almost irregular changes.      

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