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There have been three versions of Fragments. Composed in 1999 and dedicated to the oboist Jennifer Porcas and the Cornel Music Group, it was first performed by them in March 1999 – Jennifer Porcas (oboe), Annabelle Willets (violin), Richard Willetts (viola) and Kate Payne (cello). A few cuts and revisions were made in 2003. Looking at the work afresh in 2021, I reinstated some of the original passages and tweaked various details to create what I believe to be a more satisfactory whole. In just over 7 minutes there is a kaleidoscopic range of moods, textures, speeds and rhythms; a patchwork riot of ideas. However, the interval of a perfect fourth (played by the cello at the beginning of the piece) or augmented fourth binds the whole together; a thread of consistency.     Stephen Binnington May 2022                            

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