Brass 4 All  This piece was inspired by the brass section of the WNO, the importance of ‘Music For All’, and the need to make it accessible to children. A stately introduction opens the piece, with all the instruments passing the theme between them. This leads into a the main body of the piece, a bold, driving tune that contrasts with a more lyrical middle section before bursting out into fanfares of repeated notes to bring the music to a thrilling finish.

Brass Neck  The tuba is featured prominently in ths piece. The repeated motif drives the rhythm forward: ‘Cry the tears for the freezing years. Just walk away’ … as the other players finally do. Marked Andantino and in Bb major the central section changes to Bb minor, where the horn and trombone carry the melody. This is then taken up be the second trumpet and the players stand as the music modulates back to Bb major. As each player finishes they sit down until the tuba is left to finish alone.

Autumn Breeze  A sultry September evening and a gentle breeze fans the last of the fading flowers. The family are gathered informally, and the music begins….  Marked Andante and with flowing descending quavers, the opening has interest for every player. The horn and then the trombone pick up the central theme, and this is then embellished by the trumpets. A gentle phrase marks the ending.

 Bankers Notes   A letter drops on the mat. A final demand and the thought of the ‘green paper rotting in their clutch’ assails my mind. I write notes of a differnt kind! The opening is marked Vivace and is rather punchy, but soon settles into the main theme with driving rhythms throughout. The extended ending climaxes in rising staccato semiquavers for all.