Flute Concerto (Piano reduction)

Flute Concerto (Piano reduction)


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1st movement
2nd movement
3rd movement

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From an embryonic germ of an idea that is the opening of the second movement of this work grew what originally was a ‘stand alone’ sonatina (titled; On Reflection). On revisiting this sometime later, intrigued by a wealth of almost incidental and undeveloped material within, I saw an opportunity to expand the piece to the three movements presented here. This expansion, built around a central pier, creates an unexpectedly  strong feeling of déjà vu at various moments throughout the composition…. snippets of familiar sounding melody or ‘known’ harmony giving a unity to work as a whole. This version for flute and piano is not simply a ‘piano reduction’. On the contrary; it was originally conceived as a sonata with equal voices, and then, as a commission, re worked and orchestrated to form a concerto. This slightly unusual evolution has resulted in a concerto that gives both soloist and accompanist the opportunity not only to shine , but to demonstrate that wonderful interaction inherent in chamber music performance.

This piece was a finalist in the NFA Newly Published Music Competition 2021

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