Five by Five


Click the links below to see and hear each movement.

1. First Up
2. No Vienna
3. Three by Three
4. Getting Around
5. Five Out

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This suite, in five movements,  was composed in the early months of 2021. It is my first wind quartet, if we exclude student works. Present are some of my usual “funky” rhythms and time changes, but I still would consider this suite to be of medium difficulty. I have tried to give equal importance overall to the different instruments. The second movement, “No Vienna” was inspired by the cancellation of a trip to the Viennese capital, and also vaguely recalls the “New Romantic” period of pop music of the early 1980’s. Those who know something of my work will be aware of my love of rounds, and elements of cyclic canon can be found in the first and fourth movements. Geoff Warren. Montesilvano, 2022

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