Fanfare for the Young Lions

Fanfare for the Young Lions


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Fanfare for the Young Lions

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This little fanfare was written for some of my students to play for a wind & brass concert. It’s written for a trio but can easily be managed with 2 to 3 players on a part, if desired.

After its main theme is stated in the first 12 bars, we take off on a bit of a fantasy trip with melodic lines winding themselves around each other. Pay close attention to dynamics here, because as one line comes to the fore, the others should pull back to give focus where it belongs. The middle section builds and builds with sustained legato passages, and then abruptly releases back to the opening theme, ending with a rather grand, brassy statement.

The semiquaver passages must be light and detached but never bitten. They should retain a fluidity of motion, always floating on the breath. The greater the dynamic contrasts are in this work, the more exciting it will be to play, and to hear.

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