Euphonium Concerto No. 1 Op. 99 (Piano reduction)

Euphonium Concerto No. 1 Op. 99 (Piano reduction)


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3rd Section

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For me, the euphonium is an instrument which reveals in its timbre something melancholic, sad and denied, which sometimes expresses a tired suffering. In this concerto, I not only wanted to give space to the technical and virtuosic possibilities of the instrument, but I tried to give voice to those feelings that the instrument arouses in me, also resorting to a certainly not comfortable and easy tonality. The introduction avoids the main tonality as a gravitational centre to allow the euphonium to freely express its most melancholic dimension, and then lead to a section full of agitated colours. The same chromatiscisms then acquire a new form in the second theme that actually becomes an “Adagio with variations”. It’s a chorale but it is not necessary to go strictly on time: it is necessary a “rubato” and an almost jazzy freedom to be able to express the search for something unattainable, something that folds back on itself as soon as it has tried to spread its wings. And this heaviness of mind is what forcibly leads to the recapitulation and to the coda: a theme that leaves no room for hope.

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