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E-Motions Violin Sonata

Dedicated to my husband

Inspired by Lana Trotovsek and Yoko Misumi to whom I owe the deepest gratitude

My formative years were spent listening to my parents preparing for their concerts. My father was a wonderful violinist and flamboyant character. My mother was a superb pianist whose touch and technique were magical. I was enthralled at the meticulous rehearsals and frequent disagreements but was fired with the love of this duo. I had always wanted to write for the violin and the middle movement of this sonata was the first section to take form. It was inspired by my husband, himself a super violinist. Then fate took a hand and I was introduced to Lana and Yoko during a recording of one of my CDs. I knew that here were two superb artistes that understood my music and could bring my thoughts to life. With the brilliance of their technique the tapestry of sound was open to me. All was possible. E-Motions, the sonata, was formed and the power of the violin to thrill and captivate was my prime objective. To me the ability of the performers to produce such magic was awe inspiring. This sonata calls to each individuals unique emotions and deepest understanding.

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