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1. Prologue
2. Danse Elegante
3. Rigaudon
4. Danse Lente
5. Minuet

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Prologue: A Renaissance tapestry depicting ladies and jongleurs in a garden. It seems that they dance in a circle. In the center, a maiden dressed as a princess. Suddenly the ladies being to emerge from the tapestry.
Danse elegante: The ladies form a circle, with the princess in the center and begin their dance that alternates moments of ensemble to solo moments. The dance stops as soon as the ladies and the princess hear footsteps coming from the tapestry.
Rigaudon: the jongleurs come out of the tapestry, jumping and dancing frantically, showing their skills and entertaining the ladies. They put on a little show to entertain the ladies who admire the acrobatics of the jongleurs.
Danse lente: But a figure has not yet left the tapestry: he is a novice young jongleur. The princess is struck by the young man and invites him to join the group. He shyly comes out of the tapestry and, at the invitation of the princess, tries the number he has just learned: the tightrope player. After a few attempts, he finally manages to execute his number. But too much self-confidence is fatal to him: attempting some acrobatics on the rope, the young jongleur ends up falling, while the other jongleurs and the ladies begin to laugh and make fun of him. The young jongleur is really sad and is about to cry. The princess, fond of him, approaches him and gives him her hand.
Menuet: the princess and the young jongleur begin to dance a minuet, and little by little their looks communicate the love they feel for each other. Then the other jongleurs and the ladies join the dance, and as they dance, without realizing it, slowly return into the tapestry. The magic ends and the motionless figures return to their world.

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