Constellations Set III

Constellations Set III


Click the links below to see and hear the pieces in the book.

1. Andromeda – The Princess
2. Tucana – The Toucan
3. Canis Minor – The Little Dog
4. Eridanus – The River
5. Serpens – The Snake
6. Horologium – The Pendulum Clock
7. Lacerta – The Lizard
8. Pegasus – The Winged Horse
9. Ara – The Altar
10. Vulpecula – The Fox

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Constellations Set III (2020) is an album of ten exciting pieces for Descant Recorder and Piano in varied styles and moods. Each piece takes inspiration from the star patterns and ancient mythology of the constellations in the night sky. Among the ten pieces you will find a creepy Lizard (Lacerta), a flying horse (Pegasus), a little yapping dog (Canis Minor), a slithery snake (Serpens) as well as a cunning fox (Vulpecula). The technical requirements range from introductory (relative beginner) through to intermediate standard (approximately grade six of international performance qualifications) and are presented in order of technical difficulty. These entertaining pieces are an ideal repertoire resource for students and teachers supporting learning from an early stage through to higher technical and musical abilities. They are complete, standalone concert pieces that can form part of an engaging recital performance or simply playing for enjoyment. Constellations Set I is for Violin and Piano, Set II is for Brass and Piano and the final set in the series, Constellations Set IV for Flute and Piano is also published by Forton Music.

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