Classical Solos for the Cor Anglais

Classical Solos for the Cor Anglais


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Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement
Kreisler – Sicilienne
Mendelssohn – Venetian Gondola Song
Mozart – Adagio K.580a
Schubert – Der Leiermann

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I have prepared these arrangements in the hope they will provide more classical and romantic repertoire for cor anglais performers. I append just a few words about these works below.
The first movement of Beethoven’s immortal “Moonlight” Sonata has been transcribed for other instruments. I believe the range works splendidly for cor anglais, also.
Kreisler’s “Sicilienne” is invariably performed with the “Rigaudon.” The latter, alas, clearly does not lend itself to the cor anglais, but with a simple transposition to C-sharp Minor (from B Minor), the former works splendidly.
Like the Beethoven, Mendelssohn’s first “Venetian Boat Song,” Op. 19, No. 6 (from the Songs Without Words), has been arranged for other instruments. I have transposed it from G Minor to E Minor and made only minimal changes to the score.
Mozart left a nearly-completed “Adagio” for some unspecified solo instrument and strings. Georg Nikolaus Nissen, who married Mozart’s widow and wrote a biography of the composer, designated the solo part for “corno anglais,” and the instrument seems ideal for the composition now catalogued as K. 580a. In fact, I consider it the greatest composition for cor anglais yet known to me. My reduction should present no problems for the pianist.
This volume closes with “Der Leiermann,” the final song in Schubert’s Winterreise. I have scored this in G Minor, which seems more comfortable for the performer. The text concludes:
Strange old man! Shall I go with you?
Will you grind away on your hurdy-gurdy to my songs?
… and I think the melancholy tones of cor anglais are perhaps better able to convey the sentiment than any instrument (aside from voice, of course!).
Lenny Cavallaro Methuen, MA (USA) 19 May 2021

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