Clarinet Masquerade Waltz

Clarinet Masquerade Waltz


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Clarinet Masquerade Waltz

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The “Clarinet Masquerade Waltz” is a charismatic piece for a fully-instrumented Clarinet Choir, ranging from E-flat to Contrabass Clarinet.  The idea for the piece was conceptualized by Barbara Heilmair and Nicole Buetti after they had a performance together of a midnight waltz that Nicole had composed for PDX’s annual Vampire Ball.  The idea of a haunting piece for clarinet choir sparked the commission of this work for the Zephyr Clarinet Choir. With a spooky waltz theme, the composition features the unique sound of clarinets playing together. The composition has a feel of an elegant and festive dance turning wild. The latter is achieved by off-symmetric rhythm patterns, drastic dynamic changes, and strong accents.  Listeners can imagine a group of tipsy dancers being swept away by the intense music, trying to keep their balance. Or, one can simply enjoy the gorgeous sounds of low and high clarinets combined.

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