Child’s Play

Child’s Play


Click the links below to see and hear each movement.

1. The Playground
2. Imagination
3. Hide and Seek
4. The Seesaw
5. The Nursery

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This playful work for solo piano is in 5 movements and takes its inspiration from Schumann’s ’Scenes from Childhood.’ It seeks to re-interpet childhood for a modern, contemporary audience. It starts in the playground where the music imagines children running and playing. The second movement is more reflective in nature and seeks to capture the imaginative quality that is so evident in early years. The third movement takes a game of hide and seek, whilst the fourth imagines 2 children on a see-saw and seeks to find music to illustrate this. The final movement focuses on the nursery and incorporates some well known nursery rhymes. See if you and the audience can spot them!

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