Bass Trombone Concerto No. 2 Op. 93

Bass Trombone Concerto No. 2 Op. 93


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First Section
Second Section
Third Section

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The Concerto No.2 for bass trombone and string orchestra is very different from No. 1. That concerto has a musical writing style and composition that encourages the trombonist to exercise his technical and musical abilities while seeking dialogue between the two parts. In this concerto, trombone and orchestra are equal, where musical discourse shifts from one instrument to another in search of coherence and unity of intent. The three movements are linked and derived from each other. Handling this concerto and its expressiveness requires a great deal of maturity on the part of the trombonist. The most important point is definitely the Adagietto. You don’t have to look for broad musical phrases, but you do need to look for fragments and for the uncertainty of beat rhythms. The orchestra and trombone are a harmonious set of colors which must be appreciated as a harmony as such. Nothing less and nothing more.

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