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“The great secret of nature that alchemists sought to find” “A profound secret” Inspired by this quotation and written within 48 hours this work was performed in St Georges Bristol by Leslie Craven (Clarinet) Dewi Watkins (Cello) and Antony Negus (piano) as part of a tribute to the late clarinetist Jack Brymer. ‘A melodic opening leads to a magical theme. The mood returns to a passionate mode before ending in a delicate pianissimo. A piece worthy of hearing again and again’ This is the original version for Oboe-Bassoon-Piano. Loosely in Rondo form, A majestic opening marked Allegretto ‘Magico e con anima’ reflects the search for answers. A thoughtful second melody delves deeper into natures mysteries with interchange between the oboe and bassoon and supporting piano accompaniment. As the uncertainty of nature is manifest the music becomes progressively agitated but tries to return to normality and the first melody is reprised with embellishments. A tranquil passage follows shared equally with all which leads to a return of the first theme. Questioning dominates and the enormity of the task of understanding is finally laid bare. A moment of longing then a return to the first theme that ends with the mystery of nature still unresolved.

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