A Riverside Suite

A Riverside Suite


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1. Dragonflies
2. Butterflies
3. Rapids
4. Drifting

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This suite of four short pieces for four concert flutes, was inspired by an idealized impression of the British countryside.

Dragonflies – This piece begins with all four instruments entering a beat apart. Each new note is either a perfect fourth or fifth away from the previous one. By the end of this section every note from the chromatic scale has been played. This pattern continues into the next section, but by changing from crotchets to quavers, and then to triplets, it gives the impression of an increase in tempo. The piece then becomes more melodic, containing more rhythmic and harmonic contrasts, before concluding with a re-working of the introductory ideas.

Butterflies – A light lilting piece, to be played delicately. Very melodic. Depicting the life span of a butterfly, from chrysalis through caterpillar to the butterfly stage, with the final major chord ushering in the beginning of a new life.

Rapids – A lively rhythmic contrast, to be played with plenty of energy. This movement describes the flowing water of a small mountain stream.

Drifting – This movement has a meandering rippling effect, with increasing rhythmic interest before a relaxing conclusion.

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