A Book Of Rounds

A Book Of Rounds


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I have always been fascinated by rounds: cyclic canons which can go on indefinitely and are usually associated with group singing.  In this book I present a series of 24 rounds for four equal ‘voices’, with entries at a distance of one, two, three and four bars. The music is conceived for flutes, but will probably work for any ensemble of four equal voices. Parts may be doubled up; the important this is that all four parts are heard.  Once all four voices are in, the music can continue as long as the players wish. The rounds are not primarily intended for public performance, but for each round I have proposed a finale. If it is decided to make use of this, the first flute will need to give a signal when he is playing his ‘last time’. Others on their successive entries will then go to their ‘last time’ parts, bringing the players together for the ending.  It is my hope that the rounds in this book will provide entertainment for the participants, and also that this playing experience may also be of educational value.  These short pieces still manage to convey their quirky melodies and jazz harmonies.

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