8 ’til Late

8 ’til Late


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1. All 2 Play 4
2. 4 By 2
3. 8 ’til Late

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Written for the London Piano Quartet, later known as Piano40, 8 ’til Late was inspired by the way people lead their lives.

ALL 2 PLAY 4 is based on the movement of people during a field game, with shifting positions and darting runs that sometimes lead nowhere. The fragmented nature of the movement tries to emulate the way many sporting moves are thought through but rarely go as planned.

4 BY 2 focuses on the way the mind wanders when involved in a repetitive manual job.

8 TIL LATE takes us to a club, a relaxing night out with music and friends, clapping, foot tapping and the final ring of the bell on the night bus home.


Throughout the piece, allocation of hands is left to the performers discretion. The piece was first performed in 2001 at the Purcell Room at the South Bank Centre, London, recorded onto CD  by Regent Records and was also featured at the 2013 EPTA Conference in Düsseldorf.


Due to commercial constraints, the printed copy of this is presented in portrait format. Included in the digital download version is a landscape format, that may be more useful for page turns.

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